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Zipping a zipper is something everybody knows how to do, but what if you wanted to build an elaborate machine to creatively, artistically, turn this task into a fantastic feat of engineering?
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Guest blogger Kurt Holland taught science at Santa Monica Alternative Schoolhouse, a public K-8 learning center, for 10 years. A marine science and environmental education leader, Kurt will contribute occasional blogs focused on science education. …
Preparing to gather water samples on a Santa Monica PIer Aquarium field trip
Matthew King, Heal the Bay's Communications Director, recounts a harrowing moment at today's Storm Response Team cleanup. I fought the First Flush, and the First Flush won. Well, at least temporarily.
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Heal the Bay CEO Ruskin Hartley goes back to school with a weekend trip to Malibu Creek.
Rain is coming... and with it comes pollution. Fight for the ocean by joining our elite Storm Response Team!
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With temperatures expected to hit the 90s in many parts of the region this weekend, Angelenos will be flocking to the beach to enjoy a bit of Indian summer. Before they head to the shore, ocean lovers can check the latest water quality grades on our …
Aquarium volunteer Audree Fowler will mark her 80th birthday on Monday, Oct. 7. The following information appeared in a volunteer newsletter several years ago, but her remarkable career bears celebrating again.
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
Heal the Bay CEO Ruskin Hartley examines how the federal shutdown is affecting the Bay. There is a greenhouse up in the Santa Monica Mountains brimming with new life and hope. In it, staff and volunteers of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreat…
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WestEdge Design Fair hosted an opening-night party Thursday at Barker Hangar to benefit Heal the Bay ahead of this weekend's design expo. We're excited to partner with the top showcase for modern design on the West Coast. To get ready, we asked WestE…
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Ruskin Hartley, Heal the Bay's newly appointed CEO, makes some sweeping comments about L.A. in his inaugural post for his On the Watershed blog. It’s Wednesday and that means I need to move my car parked in Santa Monica from the north side of the s…
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