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Joel Reynolds, the NRDC's Western Director and Senior Attorney and a longtime ally of Heal the Bay, offers a guest blog post about the good work being done by Team Marine at Santa Monica High School. One summer night in 1971 in Riverside, California,…
Sarah Sikich, Heal the Bay’s director of coastal resources, is part of a special delegation of California ocean experts participating this week in a global conference about marine protected areas. Here’s her first report from France. I’ve now s…
Halloween always goes by too quickly for kids. There’s all that time deciding what you want to be, then there’s assembling the costume and all for one night of trick-or-treating. It’s enough to make a goblin grumpy.
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Sarah Sikich, Heal the Bay’s Director of Coastal Resources, heads to France to share the good news about our state’s blossoming Marine Protected Areas. If you’ve been lucky enough to go for a dive, surf, or kayak at the Channel Islands, it’s …
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Heal the Bay CEO Ruskin Hartley discovers Compton -- and that a river runs through it. At first glance it looked like a backdrop to an apocalyptic movie. To many engineers it’s a flood control channel. To some Southland residents it’s a place to …
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Zipping a zipper is something everybody knows how to do, but what if you wanted to build an elaborate machine to creatively, artistically, turn this task into a fantastic feat of engineering?
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Guest blogger Kurt Holland taught science at Santa Monica Alternative Schoolhouse, a public K-8 learning center, for 10 years. A marine science and environmental education leader, Kurt will contribute occasional blogs focused on science education. …
Preparing to gather water samples on a Santa Monica PIer Aquarium field trip
Matthew King, Heal the Bay's Communications Director, recounts a harrowing moment at today's Storm Response Team cleanup. I fought the First Flush, and the First Flush won. Well, at least temporarily.
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Heal the Bay CEO Ruskin Hartley goes back to school with a weekend trip to Malibu Creek.
Rain is coming... and with it comes pollution. Fight for the ocean by joining our elite Storm Response Team!
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