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WHAT TO DO ON YOUR PROPERTY Keep water from collecting on your property. Make sure to regularly clean out leaf clutter and other debris that may have been collecting on your roof, gutters and downspouts. Clogs can create serious blockages that will …
El Niño El Nino
Top restaurants in town are offering El Niño-inspired cocktails to raise awareness and to benefit Heal the Bay. Oyster shell-infused mezcal, anyone?
Dana Murray, Heal the Bay’s senior coastal policy manager, reports on a promising new statewide policy to minimize the impacts of sea-level rise on coastal communities. An incoming swell may excite a surfer, a rainstorm may offer an Angeleno drough…
A completely subjective list of when Heal the Bay has shone the  brightest.  After 30 years of achievement, Heal the Bay can sometimes be taken for granted. Many Angelenos view us as they do their utilities – always on, always working, no…
Heal the Bay
August 11, 2015 -- Communications Manager Nick Colin stepped away from social media one morning for an unforgettable boat trip to Palos Verdes. I’ll never take seaweed for granted again.
Marine biology specimen collection for Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
Desalination is not a cure-all, writes our science and policy chief Rita Kampalath.
Heal the Bay board member and former DWP chief David Nahai knows his water. Here he shares how L.A. will beat the drought.
It’s not every night we get to schmooze with a supermodel. And when the schmoozing takes place overlooking the ocean, well, what could be more perfect? Thanks to our friends at Dukes of Malibu for donating the room with a view.
Thank You Thursday
  August 26, 2015 -- This year, Heal the Bay celebrates three decades of protecting Los Angeles’ greatest natural resource. Yeah, it's a big deal. To help us get the word out, we collaborated with two creative ad agencies to create a summer ca…
McGann Zhang Heal the Bay cinemagraph Santa Monica
June 24, 2015 -- We love celebrating Nick Gabaldón Day each May, recognizing the first documented surfer of African-American and Mexican descent, and showcasing the heritage of the historical African-American beach site in Santa Monica, formerly ref…
Heal the Bay Thank You Thursday
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