School's out for summer... but the grades are in for California's beaches!
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June 17, 2015 -- Katherine Pease, watershed scientist, reports back on Heal the Bay's first plunge into freshwater quality testing at three local swimming spots in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Heal the Bay Malibu Creek freshwater quality sampling
UPDATE as of Tuesday, June 30, 8:01 P.M. –  Heal the Bay staff, along with environmental partners and dozens of community members, attended and testified at the California Senate Select Committee on the Refugio Oil Spill last Friday in Sa…
Manhattan Beach Los Angeles oil blob oil spill tar ball refugio santa barbara
  Dana Murray, Heal the Bay's senior coastal resources manager, taps her network to provide us with the latest news from the oil spill at Refugio Beach.
Santa Barbara Plains All American Oil Spill at Refugio Beach
Dana Murray, Heal the Bay’s senior coastal policy manager, provides an update on the spill and what can be done to prevent these kinds of disasters. For her, the fight is personal. May 20, 2015 -- Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara is just that …
Oil spill at Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara
May 12, 2015 Dear friends, You may have heard that the weather report is not good for the latter part of the week. We love sitting on the beach, just not during a chilly storm! So we made the decision today to reschedule our Annual Gala, which had be…
Heal the Bay's 30th Anniversary Awards Gala postponed to June 4
Is Water Quality in the L.A. River Impacted by Metals? Supposedly not… Peter Shellenbarger, Heal the Bay’s Water Resources Manager, weighs in on the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board’s recent changes to water quality standards fo…
New pollution limits established for L.A. River
A long-in the-works stormwater capture project finally takes off at LAX, reports Heal the Bay VP Sarah Sikich. May 8, 2015 – When it sprinkles, it can pour. Yesterday was a good day for the L.A. Basin, not only because it got a dash of much-needed …
New stormwater runoff project takes off at LAX
Heal the Bay is synonymous with the ocean. We surf it, we swim it, we dive it, we fish it, and we work day in and day out to make it cleaner, healthier and more productive for Southern California. But the ocean is just part of the picture: Our local …
Gov. Brown took a bold and necessary action to restrict California's water use, writes Heal the Bay vp Sarah Sikich. But there's much more to be done. April 2, 2015 --
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