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Off the coast of California, mile-long drift gillnets are left dangling in the ocean for hours as a part of the commercial swordfish and thresher shark fisheries. Unfortunately, these nets also entangle other animals that swim in their path, includin…
Learn the truth about a scary proposal to drill for oil underneath the Hermosa Beach seafloor. Background:
Keep Oil Drilling Out of Santa Monica Bay water ocean Hermosa Beach
Staff scientist Dana Roeber Murray provides an update on proposed oil drilling under the Hermosa Beach seafloor. She’s read the 1,000-page EIR and there’s much to be concerned about.
Oil and water don't mix heal the bay stop oil drilling in hermosa beach e & b
Since its adoption 40 years ago, the Clean Water Act has made incredible inroads in protecting and improving our nation’s water quality.  However, after a series of complex Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006, regulatory confusion led to …
wetlands clean water pollution NRDC U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA
Industrial facilities can be a major source of toxic stormwater pollution.  Runoff from over 10,000 industrial sites statewide – landfills, oil refineries, metal recycling facilities – can pollute our rivers and oceans, if left un-checked. …
Protect California Waters from Industrial Pollution Wikimedia Ropable
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