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Staff scientist Dana Roeber Murray provides an update on proposed oil drilling under the Hermosa Beach seafloor. She’s read the 1,000-page EIR and there’s much to be concerned about.
Oil and water don't mix heal the bay stop oil drilling in hermosa beach e & b
Since its adoption 40 years ago, the Clean Water Act has made incredible inroads in protecting and improving our nation’s water quality.  However, after a series of complex Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006, regulatory confusion led to …
Industrial facilities can be a major source of toxic stormwater pollution.  Runoff from over 10,000 industrial sites statewide – landfills, oil refineries, metal recycling facilities – can pollute our rivers and oceans, if left un-checked. …
Protect California Waters from Industrial Pollution Wikimedia Ropable
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