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Although close geographically, Long Beach and Avalon couldn’t be more different. Long Beach is home to massive container ships and the shipping center of the Southland. Avalon, the quaint town on Catalina Island, is home to beautiful beaches and incredible diving and snorkeling.

Water Quality

Long Beach has some beautiful, clean open ocean beaches. But, as you get closer to the mouth of the LA River, which receives pollution from all over the county, and the Port of LA, water quality becomes a real problem. Because of the combination of clean and polluted beaches, Long Beach is a great example of why it's important to familiarize yourself with water quality patterns at your favorite beaches by using the Beach Report Card.  In Avalon, on the other hand, while the waters are clear and full of marine life, local beaches consistently have unacceptably high levels of bacteria. These bacteria, which are from unknown causes, can make swimmers sick.

Heal the Bay Gets Local

Heal the Bay is involved in solving some of Long Beach's most troubling pollution problems. We are working on cleaning up the Los Angeles river (through pollution limits and plastic bag legislation) and tackling some of the contaminated sediments that come from heavy industry. We also work closely with the wonderful Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, in nearby San Pedro. On Catalina Island, we are working with local representatives to identify and remediate those high bacteria levels. We’re also working to develop Marine Protected Areas, which would limit fishing in these precious waters.

Make a difference for our coast and ocean!
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‘Tis the season to consider a meaningful gift for an ocean-loving family member, friend or co-worker.  Dedicate a contribution to Heal the Bay on behalf of a couple or an individual and help us educate the next generation of environmental…
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Today's guest blogger is Dana Roeber Murray, a Heal the Bay staff scientist who works on coastal resource protection issues. 
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Get the Beach Report Card app APP UPDATE: We are currently experiencing some issues with the Beach Report Card App due to opperating system changes. In the meantime, please go directly to beachreportcard.org for all your healthy beach reporting need…
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The San Francisco Chronicle is now devoting a corner of its Sunday "Bay Area Almanac" pages to Heal the Bay’s beach water quality grades. Readers from Sonoma to Santa Cruz can now check if their local waters are safe for swimming or surfing. …
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