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Congratulations to our Stoked on the Coast winners! The Grand Prize winner was selected by Heal the Bay staff and the People's Choice winner received the most votes during the public voting portion of the contest. We hope everyone enjoyed watching --…
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A shoutout to our friends at the Santa Monica Pier Corporation, who gave Heal the Bay space at the Sept. 4th Twilight Concert on the Pier. We were able to show off some of the fun marine artifacts from the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, talk about Coast…
Fox Thank You THursday
After many years of campaigning, and a successful enactment of a similar ban in LA County, we are proud to announce that a bill to ban single-use plastic bags in California, SB270, has passed the state legislature. Our announcement of this victory sp…
Plastic Bag Monster
You've probably heard about the succession of tropical storms and hurricanes pummeling the West Coast recently. Hurricane Lowell's heavy surf resulted in Malibu lifeguards making over 250 rescues -- on Aug. 24-25 alone. Hot on its heels this week is …
Big Waves in Malibu
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium Programs Manager, Tara Crow, explains the arrival of the alien-looking Velella velella, commonly known as by-the-wind-sailors.
Velella, By-The-Wind-Sailor
It isn’t perfect, but the Legislature's new Water Bond could help improve local water reliability, says Kirsten James, Heal the Bay’s Science and Policy Director for Water Quality.
Sarah Munro-Kennedy, an intern at our Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, spent her summer swimming with the sharks in Africa. Big ones!
Aquarium Operations Manager José Bacallao, aka the Shark Kisser, is also the person responsible for the care of all live exhibits at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.
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